Here’s what others have to say about working with Kylie:

I Told Myself I Couldn’t, Now It’s Easy!


The main thing that came out of this program for me was that I realized I was holding myself back mentally because I told myself I couldn’t do it. Now I think it’s so EASY! I feel really great about my business!
-Hayley Egan

Why Not Do What You Want?


Kylie really helped me to get to the point of saying, “Why the F*%k not?” Why not do what you want to do? Who is to say that you can’t do all those things and be successful and happy?
-AJ Cook

I Have The Answers Within Me


The work I did with Kylie has enabled me to create a better understanding of the relationship between my mind and body. I am able to heal myself, and I am confident that I have all the answers within me.
-Bianca Sciessere

I Am Now Able To Be Honest About What I Want


One of the biggest outcomes that I gained from the program is that I am now able to be honest with myself about what I want, and to express it to other people. The program has a really great structure and creates space to have clarity and be truthful.
-Alison D.

It Had Affected My Self Worth For Decades


Kylie shows real empathy, she is professional and builds trust with her client. She was able to assist me to unravel some very deep issues that had affected my sense of self worth for decades.
-Robin McConchie

I Had Severe Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia


At the time of working with Kylie I had a lot of severe stress, anxiety and insomnia. I had been seeing a psychologist on and off for many years and used more traditional and scientific approaches. Instantaneously after my session with Kylie I felt a huge weight lift off me. I felt calmer and lighter. This feeling has remained. If I start to feel overwhelmed and I think about the sessions i feel calmer and lighter again.
-Rita A






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