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Mar 31, 2021

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Hello I'm back if you saw my first attempt at this. Hi it's Kylie and it's Saturday morning, my kiddo is at home with me. And yet, I just tried to go live and he decided to. It was very urgent to have a conversation with me about stuff.


we take a deep breath right because what's that saying ever work with children and animals yet, as a mom, that's exactly what you get to do, or you know where the referring mum or a human mum.


I'll take a couple of deep breaths, that's always a great place to resetting the vibe resetting your mind, not completely losing your crop. So, the power of three deep breaths, oh my gosh, you know, I think this stuff, sometimes you know, you don't implement that instantly and you can be a little frazzled devil right so I definitely just took a moment to take three deep breaths. And so much better for that. So I was actually coming on to talk about, you know, my man, you know, and just like I lost my man yesterday, she's just short of 100 years old and you know she left leper body yesterday, But she was independently living until she was 96 and planting God planting fruit trees and had gotten that we're not going to bear fruit for at least five years she's very forward thinking she was planning to live 220 And, you know, unfortunately, her body started to shut down as it does when we get to that kind of age, you know, and so she did have to go into assisted living around 96 She did really really well, I mean her house had stairs wasn't exactly a senior friendly house but she did really really well and I just loved that idea of acting with artifacts, you know, planting fruit trees that weren't going to bear fruit for five years, even at the age of 96 She was like, This is gonna be really good when, when they get through, they basically get, I'm gonna look forward to the day when I get to pick my apple off the tree when I get to eat these Mulberry. I'm going to enjoy that. And so, you know, I think there's a lesson in that for all of us, and that is you know some of our goals that we really want in our life. They're going to take time and we need to take the actions, to make them happen even if the timeframe is a long time into the future. Even if we know it's gonna take three to five years with something to bear fruit. And in this day and age we can just have this like instant gratification here, we feel like it should all be instant instantly gratified and, you know, we see overnight successes, pop up in social media and it's like people are just having breakthroughs every night and they instantly successful and instantly, you know, amazing and instantly qualified and instantly credible. And actually it's taken me it's taken years of dedicated action, which is also based on faith that if they keep showing up and they keep watering their dreams and they you know they plant the seeds and then they nurture and nourish and take the daily actions to keep those dreams alive, to keep them flourishing, that eventually they're going to bear fruit, and you know I for my own self that definitely been the case in my life, you know, there's been a lot of going the flow. Doing what feels right in the moment, even if it doesn't, if it doesn't look like it's necessarily going to pay off immediately, you know, everything that we experienced and go through every program that you sign up to every coach that you work with every project that you take on every goal intention that you set for yourself whether you achieve it or not, whether they get the outcome that you had hoped for or not, is all going to lead you towards the day when your dreams, bear fruit, the day when your actions bear fruit, and long as you keep nurturing and nourishing that dream, keep nurturing and nourishing that vision, and acting with faith and trust that it's going to be worth it. It's going to be worth your effort, your love, your care your, your passion and your commitment. Because if you're not committing to the vision of your dreams, you're not committing to watering that vision of your dreams and the life that is calling you, that calling in your heart you're allowing it to influence your actions, influencing the decisions that you make, even if it looks like this today might look like a crazy idea, and might look like, and completely unrealistic or even delusional.

But it might be delusional for today but doesn't mean that it's going to be delusional in three to five years time. And so, forget about instant gratification and instant feedback forget about that yes, we do need to have return on our energy we do need to have return on our investments for our decisions and the way in which we invest our money, our time and our resources, yet ultimately it's about the big vision about what you're creating in, in the whole of your life. How are you living to your ideals your dreams, your values, how are you, what are you creating doing today to create the life that absolutely sets your heart on fire in the future. Now, that obviously is, it's a bigger picture thinking, and we need to stay in touch with our bigger picture, we need to stay in touch with the, the life that is calling up watering and nurturing and nourishing that life rather than telling ourselves that we're delusional, or even thinking about it, that that it's unrealistic that that might happen to other people but not for me. You know, so many times I talk to people and they, when we talk, they get a Lima glimmer of how life could be just a glimpse of how life could be because I open up the way that they see the world. And then the decision for them at that point is to whether or not they're going to commit to that vision, or things like that, slam the door shut and go back into their comfort zone, go back to what's safe and knowing, even if it's painful to their soul painful to their being because it's, it's not what they were put on the planet to do. And so, they will stay there because it feels safe. It's what is known people stay in all kinds of ungodly painful traumatic kind of situations because it is safe, it's what's familiar, and the brain, our brains are great computers, but they're not creators. And so what they will do is they'll keep running the same program they'll keep running the same program but they won't protect the heart to innovate, protect our heart to create something new. And so, to actually step outside of what is known, and to commit to something that is more in alignment with our heart takes enormous courage, which is also a quality of our heart. The quality their heart and their spirit. And so, you know to get in an epic and, you know, take that big leap right to go from this is how life has been. This is a life has been for years now, to, okay, I really want to set a different chord, to get from here to here, takes a big leap. You're not going to get there on your own. You just thought you need, you need someone to help you and the other teacher might be a therapist and might be a coach, it might be someone who, who is absolutely committed to helping you train you, hold you in might be being in love and might be a partner will help you to see, like you know a new partner will help to help you see that you're lovable. Am I be any one of those things but we cannot do that alone. And when we try and just like shut off from the world, and we want to do everything ourselves, then we just get more of the same. We're of the same old programs that have been driving the car, you know, operating the computer, creating and running our life as we have been. And so, pattern interrupt is like a massive, like a gift sometimes of life will throw us a pattern interrupt in terms of a car crash and loss of a job or a health challenge or breakdown in relationship, massive Pattern. Pattern Interrupt to like shake us up out of that kind of like stupor, being half asleep and just allowing. Allowing the same old programs to keep creating the life that we've been living so if that is happening to you if you've experienced something like that and you know I'm on a global scale we're seeing a massive pattern interrupt, you know, and taking everybody's has changed everybody's life. So, you know, there's good to come out of those kind of experiences. So I guess that's my two my two messages for you today to have contemplate around and that is like what seeds are you planting for the long time. And how can you commit to water in nurturing and growing and helping those seeds to flourish to thrive for the long term because we often

overestimate what we can do in one year and we radically underestimate what we can do in five years. So set your sights high, big, big picture, and heart picture, you know what is your soul what is calling to your soul calling to your heart to be created in lot in your life. What will you put on the planet to do. What will you put on the planet to contribute to speak to express or birth into the world. And, you know, the second, the second thing being, you know, like, how are you going to shake up shake up the programs that are running what new programs do you need to be putting into your your computer, how, what, what programs do you need to let go of what patterns or habits do you need to interrupt, so that you can actually get a glimpse of what is possible for you. And if you're interested in experiencing that then I have a few sessions available this week, to have a breakthrough call with me now these are free sessions I do this because this is my superpower and I absolutely love contributing to women in this way. And obviously, if there is an opportunity for you to for us to work together, then we can also discuss that on the call but if not, that's fine. I know that some people will really be ready to dive in and do this work with me about others, you know, not so much, but you're definitely going to get some clarity and some insight on where you are now, where you need to go and what are the steps to get you there now. I'll put the call the looking link below this video if you're interested in that but otherwise just send me a message and we can organize a time. Okay, I hope that those that today's message has been helpful and thinking about themselves, and I will see you in the next video.