First Day Of A New Chapter - Mompreneurs

Mar 31, 2021

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Hello. How are you, it's Kylie and first day, I have a new chapter. I'm sure you've probably seen the massive flood of cheap pictures overlaid in Facebook land, and my little kiddo is one of them his first day at prep. Now he took it quite well, I must say it was more me on the way back from dropping him off feeling very teary about this situation and you know we know this. These moments are coming, and yet they creep up on us so quickly. So for those of you who don't know, I actually a single parent by choice so I had my child on my own. After I separated from my ex husband so definitely wasn't the way I was planning on having my family and I'd been working my ass off to build an empire that was going to support my family and to have children with my ex husband and unfortunately we were on different pages when it came to that and so, you know, long story short, the relationship didn't work out, and that basically that family thing had been dangled in front of me for probably an easy 10 years and I'd love that you know, when we separate is probably more like eight years but I'd allowed that. But I was always believing that it was going to happen and then. Instead, our relationship broke down and then that meant that we weren't going to run a business together, and that our house that we bought together had to get sold and my entire life but what claim. After building the Empire. So, you know, life is fun isn't it's full of challenges and never necessarily works out the way you think it's going to, but there's also been a lot of gifts in that, and you know I definitely still do, you know, love the traditional family but so many of us find ourselves in situations which don't resemble that traditional nuclear family and for me, creating a family, a child. Having a child on my own with the help of my ex husband has basically been the way that my family exists, and so I'm very grateful for that. And there's a lot of benefits for it because I get to make all the decisions about my child's life. And, you know, today is a wonderful celebration to see him starting to prep and he's super confident. He's very social, very aware. And now got to get to work. We'll be able to differences that thing at school is like very again it's another logistical challenge like it's different to when he was in daycare so daycare, he was in long term daycare. Between four or five days a week depending on the week. And so, you know, we have, I've been able to get a lot of work done for a very long set hours like a normal work week, almost, and now I'm in the school workweek with some after school care. So it really, it's good to be another reconfiguration of how to work, how to do I manage my time so that my, the things that are my priorities get attended to, and that I still create space for looking after myself that I am able to turn up and be present with my child and to enjoy that time because I love him to chase him, so I want to be, you know, I want to be involved in him in his life in investing my energy and time into him so that he continues to flourish. And so, you know, the thing that holds us during the times of transitions is really tuning into your purpose and my purpose is to help women to really blaze in their last year to really align and do their soul work to do what they're put in the planet to do to be masterful at it to make no apologies for that. To get out of their own way stop doubting themselves and to actually do what they came to do like do the things that are going to contribute the most to the world and to their life satisfaction. And, you know for me part of my purpose is being a mom, and, you know, a big driver of the work that I do is ensuring that I can provide for my family. And that means providing for my family, but in a way that is aligned with the school calendar.

You know, it's the challenge isn't that yet. That purpose, the quality of life and the type of parent that I want to pay for my child. And during the work that sets my soul on fire. You know, I Hey, I'm taking a moment to be really grateful for that, that I can do that and in this life that I am, I have had the courage, and I have worked my butt off to get to the point where this is my daily and weekly experience and that, you know, yes, this new timetable is going to be a challenge but I knew it was coming and I've been working towards this, so I get to see my clients serve my clients, and do the work that I need to do, all within the school calendar, friendly, hours. And, you know, that there will be some aftercare but I'm not basically not gonna be a stranger for my child. I'm also going to be able to enjoy taking my child to the pool into karate lessons and doing all these different things that are really fun and nurturing for him, and that I am for me as well, because because I get to be his mummy, which is a really, you know, a big value of mine so I mean, the women in this group who are aspiring to be moms like totally, like, yeah, like, you know, obviously we all get to make that choice and for me it was a really important choice to become a parent by parent even if it meant doing it on my own so yeah you know we all got different paths to live and for each of us we have our own challenges and thought Just thought I'd share that, but the thing is like. It's only been I've only been able to get to this point because I decided that that's what I how I wanted to live and I was committed to that. And I have basically since he was born, and I got enough of my faculties back. So you're born in 2016 and 2017 that started to really focus on creating an online coaching business, And it's had a few different faces and flavors, but, you know, now it's like, it is where it is it's maturing it's coming of age and it's starting to get like legs and growing and I'm doing work that I am really inspired by that energizes me and inspires me to keep moving forward with that and to hold, hold tight to this vision, this vision of like being able to live my purpose do the kind of work that is mine to do mind to contribute to the world, and to do it in a way that meets my needs and the needs of my family. And, you know the thing is when we're holding a vision when when we're aligned with our purpose it's like we all get a blank sheet in front of us you know for me it meant sacrificing a lot like oh you know the dysfunctional relationship. The Fawlty Towers business either like it was a great business but you know it was a lot of chaos, or you know the life in Sydney the like the home that mortgage the picket fence. All of that did get, sort of, you know, wrapped up in the tablecloth and taken that away and then a new piece of paper in front of me. And so what I was very careful not to do with to put things of, like, settling in that like, oh I guess I just have to go and get a part time job oh guess I just have to work with somebody else and make this, you know, in, in, do my passion work as a hobby. No, I was very very determined that I was always going to do this work if I'm going to recreate my, my life and I'm going to recreate a new business because I didn't have a business to go back to after having a child, you know, my maternity leave was in death, because there's no business to go back to. And so, you know, I had a very very blank slate. And so I was really very very conscientious about what I was putting on that, that template of the life that I wanted to create for myself and my family, and very intentional with that and, you know, if any cancers like settling energy putting in now it's quite quick to pick up on it. And so often women will just will have a vision, desire, the way that they would like like life to be and then they kind of like, they throw it under the bus and they go, well I guess that's not really realistic so I guess I just have to settle for this. I guess I should just, you know, settle like there's so much settling happenings or accommodate other people's needs over our own needs. So don't do that.

If you're holding your vision and aligning with your purpose. Keep it. Have, have integrity with your vision, and keep your vision on purpose, and hold it sacred, you know, be very careful with how you what you allow it to go into it. And, you know, even if your life only resembles 10 This your vision 10 to 15% of the time, make sure you acknowledge when your life is representing like is being akin to your vision when it is resonating with your vision and grow that look for it more and keep growing. So, if you, if any of that sounds like, well, that kind of sounds interesting Kylie, and you'd like to know how you can get a bit more clarity around your purpose, how you can get carried around the life that you wanted to, want to create if you're sick of being, like, just doubting your actual vision, and the life that you'd like to create that cherished idea that cherished vision of your life, then please reach out and send me a message because, obviously, this is what I'm here to help with this is my, my passions, my mastery is that, and it's that I'm very very skillful at helping women to actually carve out space for their vision and hold and amplify that vision so that when they make decisions and when they take action. They're doing it in a way that is aligned with the purity of your vision, without it being sold out or reduced or degraded or diminished in any way to accommodate the needs of others or trying to be realistic because why not, why can't you have what you actually want, why not. So, if you'd like to have an experience with that please make sure you reach out to me, I do offer a free breakthrough call that takes about an hour. There are some requirements around that that is like Andy offered the call to people who are actually in a business. So yeah, if that's if that's you and you're ready for a bit more clarity, if you're ready to really work out what's going on for you and why, why you can come up against the same crap. Why are you still saying no, what are you still selling yourself out selling yourself short. Then, make sure you reach out because time is of the essence, why would we wait another day to start living life in a way that is really affirming to your value and aligned with what you actually want, why not, why would you wait, why would you delay that, because you know it's practice year the high school in a few years you know it's like life just rolls on by so quick, it all happens in the blink of an eye, and we really can't take tomorrow for granted. We can't take our next breath for granted. So seize the day. And yeah, if you'd like some help with getting clarity, make sure you reach out to me. Have a beautiful day.