Female Entrepreneurs - One Coach to Rule Them All!

Mar 31, 2021

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Hello versus Hawaii Saturday morning, my kids got strict instructions not to come. Crash My, my live how I you, it's been a big week for me. I say goodbye to my man's way, and you know there's always, you know there's a lot of family stuff so it's definitely been a big week so anyway I was thinking this morning, I'm actually been feeling a lot of energy and I think it's to do with the new moon that's coming up in the US this week I think it's Friday, Thursday, Friday, towards the end of the way. Anyway, there's a lot of energy coming in and, oh hello Allison. Lovely to see, yeah. Yeah, so I don't know how you're going at the moment but certainly at the moment and it's been, it's, it's good. It's not uncomfortable but there's just like a lot coming to the surface. And so, yeah, we're also in a Mercury Retrograde here, right, which means we get a wonderful opportunity to be reviewing projects revising revisiting anything that starts with Re is pretty much. Yeah, so, thanks. Alison Yeah. Now was 99 she would have been 100 and may so she's had a pretty damn good innings but yeah it's always sad and it's always a shock you know even when you know someone's at that age you know that. Yeah, like, anyway, yeah it was a shock, but I did get to see her. The night before she left so that was pretty special. Yeah, So there's a lot, there's a lot coming up. And I was just kind of thinking about how I was reviewing Mercury retrograde and didn't really even kind of really connect the dots but yeah there's a lot coming up, like, looking back, And what with my journey you know I've worked with so many coaches and teachers and invested in lots of different programs. And, you know, there's been a lot of promises made, and I guess. I think that's a thing in marketing and in business and that we've got the solution that's going to bring you your dreams. And it's kind of like one program or one diet or one, you know, this thing's amazing thing is going to pave the way. And that's why I like to call this like one coach to rule them all because it's kind of like if you just find the right person, you find the right programming or find the right strategy if you find the right diet if you find the right tech manifestation technique, you're going to everything like the heavens are going to open up. But the truth of the matter is is that everyone is just a stepping stone, and, and I know that's definitely the case with the work that I do, I mean I have a very, you know my mastery is about helping people to tune in to and tap into their self worth and to grow their self worth and to like change those patterns of self sabotage that would normally take us out of the game that you know that horrible Negative Nancy voice that you know the mean girls who send them to the back of the bathroom and call up our cheerleaders and bring to the front of the bus. And, you know, that's part of my mastery and I do love combining that with like growing business and being on the entrepreneurial journey that's like, that's my jam right, so, like, I'm not going to be able to my mastery is not going to be teaching you the best strategy for, you know, launching your market, your marketing program or, you know, the best strategy for managing your teams of growing and scaling your business like I've got experience and all of those things I can definitely help people with their head game but there's going to be people who would have a more mastery in that area than me and so, you know, like my program and my offerings and with the benefit of working with me will be for this particular area and it's like, it's definitely a stepping stone that's gonna get you into the right shape so that you can then take the next step, which is going to be again another steep learning curve because every time we do does work, as long as it's not just like churning information. You know because anyone's in turn information on their own. I mean sometimes we need a bit of help to make it sink in, but if it's about becoming, you know, skillful at something, developing a skill or becoming something becoming someone, then you really need to work with someone, to get that transformation because the information was transformation like informations in your head transformation is in your beingness, so

I think the thing is we know this right we, when you hear me talking about you like yeah, I get that like, there's no one, no one fit. One thing fits all, whatever that is, one size fits all, it's not that right, it's, we know that yet. I think there's also, because of their marketing, the way that marketing has conditioned us, there's a, we have an expectation that this thing is going to be my golden ticket, you know like this new program this new strategy this new teaching is going to be my golden ticket to everything. And in some ways, it is because it's going to take you through that next step that you definitely need to take and so it's your golden ticket to that next step on the journey to your dreams. So yeah, I just thought I'd share that I think it's just giving that distinction about like what they put in there, or like well, because we saw instant gratification right like it's everything so like, We see it we want it, we have it you know that's what we think. And we can do that with so many different things but it's like the true growth and our and our true hearts desires, take, take, commitment, they take processes, the best way to find process will process means time and work time and effort and commitment and like discovering all the ways that don't result in our purpose being expressed discovering all the ways that don't work, don't result in success that result in learning and subpoena to navigate process and be peaceful that that there is process there's not just like an instant gratification thing. You know, that's, that is really important for us to realize especially, you know, when we're self employed, and you know our security is dependent upon the decisions that we make, and the way that we control and navigate our lives, you know, when we're working for somebody else, there's a sense of security being provided by that other person so when we're providing prep, and security. You know, we really need to be able to be okay with uncertainty and be okay with that. There's a process there's time and journey, you know, time and commitment and effort to get to where we're going. So yeah, that's nice, that's my little spiel for preparing something yeah just being really on my mind so, and I definitely feel myself being called to review and release a lot of kind of old stories that were still lingering you know my story, my, my stuff. Story destroying lifestyle, And there's been stuff surface surfacing so if that's been going on for you, then recognize that this is the gift of the Mercury Retrograde if we have tools, if you if you don't have tools for dealing with this stuff and reach out. But if you have tools, now's the time to double down and just like, just like knowledge that stuff's coming up for a reason that this is a gift from the cosmos and the cosmic alignment cosmic timing, and the energies that are present and really beneficial for helping to review, revise, release, reconsider all of those sort of things so. Have a beautiful day and I'll see you in here soon.