Female Entrepreneurs - Are You Choosing to be BUSY Instead of SUCCESSFUL

Mar 31, 2021

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Hey bosses. My name is Kylie Enkelmann, I am an energy healer and a success and transformational coach. I love helping female entrepreneurs to destroy self doubt and eliminate overwhelm and to confidently grow the profitable business. Now today we're looking at busy work, are you choosing to be busy, instead of successful. Now, you might be wondering, well is this kind of the same thing, isn't it, like you have to be busy in order to achieve your goals. you might be really attached to working hard in order to achieve your goals. And I get it. I totally 100%, get it because that hard work ethic is definitely been in my DNA it's my lineage, and I have spent a good proportion of my life working my butt off to get where I am today. And to achieve wonderful success in my different businesses I had a business at bricks and mortar type of business where I was doing multiple millions of dollars a year.

And I worked my ass off to get there and it was a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and I'm not doing that anymore. I wasn't sustainable either. But even in those businesses. So, one of my previous businesses was, was a hair salon. And when there was a real attachment to being busy, because if we're busy they will make money. And if we weren't busy then as a freak out because, oh, we're not making any money and we've got all these overheads to pay. We've got got staff wages to pay, we've got to pay for all of our stuff and the list of things that bills keep coming in, regardless of whether or not we are making money. And so, being busy, was really connected to being able to meet our goals to be able to meet our financial overheads and to feel safe and secure. And so, being busy, equal, financial security. And then, over time, we, in that particular business we added some components to the business so we had added a distribution company to business. We, we had a fashion rotate to the business we were like adding these different products and services to the business, so that it wasn't just like a one, one egg in the basket there's multiple eggs in the one basket still all the eggs in the one basket. But there was different streams coming in so different financial strict like streams of finances coming in so then if we were quiet in one area of the business there's still income coming in through another area of that business so there's less pressure on being busy, it wasn't as strongly associated with being busy, and then we started get disconnected from hard work as the business owner is less about me being on the floor and doing everything I started taking more time for myself, but it had gotten to the point where I needed that I needed to really take time out because I had, I actually did hit overwhelm I hit burnout. I had an experience of burnout which if you've been through that, I would really not recommend it. I'm sure you wouldn't recommend it if you've been through it to feel like you're heading that way then. My advice is to stage an intervention with yourself because burnout, actually took a long time to recover from. So I went through burnout and so I really did have to separate hard work from my, my sources of income and we were still able to generate really ever increasing levels of income because the foundations of the business was set off in a way that it was going

to keep growing, you know, and so it is possible to disconnect your financial security from hard work in busy work, and you might be thinking well that's fair and that's all fine and good but you wet your ass off to get to that point and then you could take the pressure off but the truth of the matter is, it doesn't have to be that way and the problem with doing lots of busy work and working really really hard to get, get through and like over extended periods of time, is that you actually aren't working, intentionally, you are working, to the point of detriment to your own well being and if you're not turning up where you are giving them a full cup, then you're missing a lot of the cues. You're not listening to your intuition, you're not listening to what feels good, because what feels good doesn't factor into your success at all your success is all based on working hard and being busy, so when we equate working hard and being busy for long periods of time, then we are very likely to end and overwhelmed with missing tooth, along the way where we could be doing things a lot easier and wiping a lot more smarter and working in a way that brings higher value, a higher value transaction for your clients and a higher value transaction for you. Now, take a moment just to think about how busy you are and just check in for yourself, do you feel more safe and secure when you're busy. And do you feel like you need to work hard in order to have success to be worthy of success or to be worthy of charging for your services or your product, because I think one of the things that being self employed, We tend to, we tend to not keep up with the cost of living or the cost of the cost of living basically how much things cost. So if you've been self employed for say 10 years, then you're kind of frame of reference because it's often connected to what life cost 10 years ago, because that's when you, you made that switch into business, I know. And so, everything else has continued to increase in cost inflation affects everyone. So, how, how have your prices and how is the value of your services or your transactions your, your offer, how has that changed over time and are you at least during the minimum inflation inflationary increases. And that really is just the minimum because you may be, you know, over 10 years you've developed expertise, over 10 years you've dealt developed experience over 10 years you have continued to refine your mastery. And so your prices should be reflecting that compared to when you first started your business and offering your services. The other thing to think about when you're really committed to working hard and being really, really busy is that it often involves a lot of sacrifices. Now, the first thing for so many of us to go is our time for exercising and self care, the time that we would take to prepare healthy food for ourselves to make sure that we're eating well to make sure that we go to the gym or do some movement for our body to make sure that our body is getting the care that needs to still keep functioning in a very helpful way. It's the first thing to go because, let's face it, a lot of us don't need too many reasons to justify not going to the gym. But, you know, for like the moment we have a little bit of pressure it's like I'm just too tired I can't be, you know I can't be bothered. I don't have time, I don't have the energy. I need, I need to focus on work are working so hard at the moment,

work so busy at the moment I just really need to focus on that. And so, you know that can be a real that over the long time, long term that can have a real impact on our quality of life because we have a health will bounce back after being neglected for a little while. But if it's been years. And then, decades of really not prioritizing our health and our well being. Then, you know, then things will start to break down, and not just physical health and mental health if we are constantly in the state of fizziness where adrenaline and we're using lots of coffee and caffeine to keep going through, you know, getting through and then we're like, ending booking book ending the day with maybe drinking a bit more than we would like to be drinking but we needed to take the edge off with because we're under a lot of stress and pressure, then that is also not great, it's not fantastic for your health, and it also will take its toll. Of course, you know, when we are very, very busy and we're working really really hard and we give everything that we've got to building our business, then our relationships can suffer. And we might not see our friends, we might not have time or energy to see our friends on the weekend or to be social to catch up with our family, our extended family, we want, we bring out crumbs to our relationship with our beloved, and our kids get just the tiring grumpy mom or tired and grumpy parents, because we're working so hard for them to give them the life that they want, and yet all they want is your love. All they want is your presence and your connection. All they want us to share with you the quiet and the slow moments as, you know they want to share those, those just little everyday moments with you. And so it's just what is your commitment to being busy, costing you, your commitment to working really really hard to in order to justify being able to charge for your services being able to generate the voice save income that you can't receive income unless you've worked really really hard for it. And so many people work from that space. And it doesn't have to be that way like it really is a choice and there is a lot in language, because our language is a program language is our program so the stories we tell ourselves, are the programs that are running your thoughts that are running out our beliefs that are running our actions and shape and create our life. So everything that you're experiencing in your life today is the fruit of the seeds, the trees that you've planted, you know, years ago, up until now. And so, you can choose other choices so what if you were to choose instead of choosing to focus on being busy in order to be safe and secure that you chose to work, intentionally, that you chose to work creatively if you're a creative person or a maker you might be really instead of focusing on hard work you focus on creative black, are you focused on creating beautiful work. Or perhaps you, your focus needs to be on creating high value for your clients that I create high value for my clients and that's, that's the source of my security, rather than I need to be busy in order to be safe.


need to be creative, and I need to be delivering high value in order to be safe. I need to be creating high value for my clients, in order to be secure. Another way that is very resonant with me and that is that I work in alignment. I work in alignment with my purpose, I, I served from a place of alignment, I show up and I serve my clients who were placed in alignment with my purpose, and I'm, I serve my clients so I focus for me to be secure. For me to be safe, me to know that everything is going to be okay. I know that I have to come from this place of working from alignment, that I need to be congruent. So it's not about being busy for me busy is less likely to be congruent when I'm busy, because I'm kind of half assing everything, but other than being really deeply, you know, drawing on a foundation of concurrency and alignment so that when I show up to a client, I show up to my clients and I hold space for them to open to their purpose, then I you know I need to be acting from a place of concurrency so that my thoughts, my words, my energy, and the experience that I create for my clients is congruent with the outcome that they are looking for. So, what is it for you. Another example, instead of being focused on being busy, in order to create financial security, or to be successful. He might be, I need to be specific. I really need to be specific about the people that I work I really need to be selective. I really need to be specific on the, like, in the niche, and really focused on the specific need where my mastery is at, in order to be financially secure in order to be financially successful, I really need to focus on my target market. So instead of being, instead of saying, I need to be busy in order to be safe in order to be secure. I need to be focused. I need to really focus on my clients, I really need to focus on the outcome for my clients. And so, you know, that is really, really, very much a different way of showing up to life, because then you'd be looking at well how can I be more focused. And that brings them more of you, because, to be more focused for me to be aligned to be creating a space of alignment and congruency means that I do honor my whole self because I bring my whole self to my work I bring my whole self to show up for my clients and to serve my clients. And so for me instead of working hard. I choose to work, deep, I work, deep in a work in alignment. And this has taken a long time since I've done hard work, I you know I've got first class honors as an engineer, a work in engineering, that was hard work. And I worked my ass off as a hairdresser, that was hard work and I built up a distribution company that was hard work and assert ourselves often in fashion critic that was fun work. I really loved that was so much fun. My water was amazing at that time was super, super fun. But, you know, I've done my time with hard work, but I choose to work, high value in alignment. I take congruent action, and I do deep work because that's where my mastery is that, so where is your mastery, at, and what do your clients need from you in order to get the value. Okay, so unless you're doing a, you know, Discount bargain service, in which case, the lowest value is yourself your you know your differentiation, your point of difference. Then, if not if you're not, then where is your mastery, and what are your clients seeking from you, What are they actually buying from you. And so, you know you need to really tune into that and get clarity on that in order to be able to deliver it. And when you can deliver that what you're actually looking for. Then you are going to be safe, you're going to be secure because there is a balance in the breathing in and breathing out, exchange of value, and that will continue to generate more clients because the clients are getting their needs met, you're getting your needs met, and can grow the plant can grow from there.

And another way to do this is to really focus on the end in mind so I want to the end goal for you, like why you're doing all this work, you know, for if you're really, really struggling with busy being busy and like literally you're planning it in, you know, watching This Video is like

procrastination will timeout from being really, really busy. This is like the buffering down on defragging after a really really busy day. What does it all for you, is it for security, is it to feel safe is it to try and get your head above water. And so, if we didn't get your head above water. What then, what does that mean for you. Does that mean that you have some savings in the account in your bank account does that mean that you've paid off your credit cards. Does that mean that you get to spend quality time with your family doesn't mean that you get to go on a holiday, doesn't mean that you can, you know, create your retirement know that your retirement is going to be taken care of. What is that what is it that comes from all of this busy work, because then when you can tune into what that actual end is is the end that feeling of safety that feeling of security that feeling of relief knowing that everything is taken care of. What can you do differently to create that in your life today. Could you give yourself today, what different decisions would you make knowing that that's what you actually want, it's not just to be busy. It's not just to have like bums in the seat which is what we used to say in the salon you'd have bums in the chairs you know it's like it's not. It's not about having, What's a lot of work on your play. At the end of the day where you're actually looking for is financial financial security or financial freedom and really the ability to travel. That's what you actually want. Oh, okay. So, how else might I get there, how else might now that I know that that's actually what I want and I focus on that, what else, one of my other streams of possibility to get that and that's you know, for me, that was why we, we broadened our business because it was all tied into one was just a hassle and it's all tied into getting people in in the salon, and there's a lot of pressure on that I didn't like working with that much pressure so I wanted to create different streams of income into our life wouldn't better save income and from different streams and so that's what we did it, it was very successful in that way. But so when you focus on the end goal. And you know what that feels like. And you understand that that you know you have clarity that that's actually why it's like I actually you know want to retire, and not worry about money, I want to be able to buy a house, that would be great. I really want to go out there to buy a house and get out of this rental system. That's great, that's great clarity to have because that is where the focus is not on being busy but on being able to, you know, create that in your life. And so that way you can start working a bit more certainty around what it is that you're creating because it doesn't matter then if it comes from your exact business in the way that it is now. In fact, it could come from a completely different line of business or different income streams, it doesn't really matter, you can start receiving ideas and inspiration. By creating bit more space for it to show up in your life, instead of focusing on, I have to be really busy in order to create financial security for me like I want to create financial security and I'm open to doing that from, you know, from any number of different ways. I mean number of different streams, I'm ready to start receiving from any number of different streams and really to start receiving new ideas about how that might happen, I'm willing to receive new ideas about how I can create financial security in my life, how I can create financial abundance in my life and to be able to buy my first home or how I'm willing to be open to buying my first home you know and just focusing on that. There's a real shift there and it might seem really, like, a subtle nuance, but it's actually powerful because when you're like, I just need to be busy, I just need to be busy. The number of clients coming into your life. You don't have a lot of control over that you know you can go and do you know your social media posts you can do all the things the marketing things all the strategies from bringing in more clients, yes you can do that. But if you're like running yourself into the ground. In order to get there when it's not essential like it's not, it's not like one plus one equals two, you know, it's like, you can actually be open and receptive there might be better ways to doing it than the way that you're currently operating and you're never going to see

better ways of doing it, unless you create space for it you know for me to receive new ideas when new strategies for for creating with abundance or creating your pathway to success, unless you create space in your life. So, being busy, let that be the flavor of your last chapter, and why not open the door to a new chapter, where you work in alignment, where you work creatively. In order to live. The, the outcome that you're seeking to be financially secure to be having either health and well being and relationships that thrive. So, for me, you know, this is really about cultivating flow, and the missing piece of the puzzle, and recognizing that it all starts with me, you know, it all starts with what's going on inside here. The way that we narrate, our story. The way that we were in the right, our life. And the way that we respond to the stories we tell ourselves. It really does change the opportunities that we can perceive and receive. And so, when we can wait to outflow, we commit to our purpose we commit to coming from a place of alignment of whatever is our greatest grid, you know the left that is the highest expression of our life force our life energy, that that is what I'm committed to creating in my life. And so, stress and pressure and busy and hardship, it doesn't, it doesn't have any, it doesn't belong in this chapter, you know, it's not just not to say that it's not going to be about challenges. The challenges of the resistance training, you know that's like going to the gym, but when we can really tap into who we are and up level beliefs about ourselves, capacity to receive a capacity to create a capacity to expand and grow, then life starts getting really, really interesting. Now if you'd like some help with that, then please send me a message and we can jump on a call together, I do offer a free breakthrough session that's about 45 minutes that's for you if you are a female business owner or a female entrepreneur and you've been in business for at least two years. Then, and you're ready to really start leaving you know the busy the hardship, the struggle, self doubt, the woe is me I can't make it happen whatever it is those limitations, you're ready to step out of that leave that in the past and be done with it, you're like done so done with it I'm ready for the next level, something that's got more ease more flow more joy than that, then jump on the call with me, send me a message, I will put the link below this video where you can book that call and in that call it takes about 45 minutes to an hour, we'll have a look at what's not working and what you're actually here to accomplish what it is that you want to achieve, and then we'll look at how we can join the dots. So if that sounds interesting to you, believe me, it's going to be one of the most powerful conversations that you've ever had about your life and business. If this is like really about starting a fire, like some people, you know, I see every conversation is like a fire starting conversation and some people start off with this placeholder and other people are just ignited into action. And, you know, either one is perfect. There's no one is right, right, or wrong, but honestly, it's like, if you're ready to up level then this conversation was very powerful opportunity for you to get that started and to ignite that drive into that is going to actually help you step up and step into a whole new level of your life. So if you're interested in that please send me a message or you can click on the link below this video and you can book your call there. Okay, my love's I hope that has been helpful. I will see you in the next video. Have a great day, bye.