Female Entrepreneurs - Bring Your Whole Self, Stop Compartmentalising

Mar 31, 2021

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Hey bosses it's me Kylie, just thought I'd come by and ask you this very casual question. Do you have a pissing section

in your pool. Okay, what

is this crazy lady talking about.

It's, uh,

it was like back in the day when you know you'd have some smoking sections and non smoking sections you know in like hotels or in cafes and restaurants, and it was used to be my kind of go to Line you know it's like you don't have a kissing section in your pool. And, you know, a non pissing section in your poles kind of like because I was a Nazi anti smog so forgive me if you're a smoker. But yeah, so, but then thinking about it and I you know I think a lot of us do this right, we do this when we we compartmentalize different areas of our life and so we can have like a section where we just let it all hang out and it's just like shit, and it's horrible and we, you know, stuff it down, And then the rest of them, like everything's good yeah gray, gray, gray, you know so compartmentalize, you know, and it is an amazing skill to be able to compartmentalize your crap so that you know you're turning up to work or you're turning up to your projects you're doing up to your relationships and your family and you're not just a big ball of negativity or, you know, depressed, depressing to be around and all that sort of stuff. But it's only really good for a short term coping strategy. Strategy and that's where I think a lot of us humans. Human cons, get undone, because we don't really have very good strategies for dealing with things. Obviously, therapy and that sort of thing, groups and circles have started to become a lot more commonplace and most of us belong into groups where we can come and just like vent and rage or get help or insight, you know, just like pick the brains of other people, What

would you do or just to, you know, get some sympathy for the shit you have to deal with.

But it's not. It can make us feel a little bit better about what we're actually doing, but it's not necessarily dealing with the actual shift that needs to be dealt with right and that's where we really pull short. And obviously that's what having a growth mindset is all about. That's what personal development is about you know for some people it includes religion for some people it includes spirituality. For some people it's just, you know, working on their mindset for other people it might be devoting themselves to law of attraction. And, you know, it's all good, it's all worthy right. I just something that I've noticed in as coming from a very spiritual background I spent 10 years in a very amazing esoteric Mystery School where I led energy healing and a whole lot of we an amazing wonderful parts of the universe, we've got I've got to go to which were really cool. But there can be a bit of bypassing or, you know like, I've spoken to people who are really connected with, or like tuned into the law of attraction where they don't want to see any negativity because if I just keep my you know my positivity, my vibe up here I'll never see any negativity and it's just not true. And it's really annoying to be around. You need i My approach is that we actually need to be able to bring our whole self to whatever the world is showing us and to trust that we, we need this that we are exactly where we need to be, that we're going to grow through whatever the hell kind of Hell, we are facing, whatever the challenge, whatever the next thing is that we have to deal with that we're going to grow through it. And in that process, we're going to learn about ourselves, we're going to learn about the world. And if you open to it, you can learn about manifesting, we can learn about your connection to spirit or you can learn about the way that the universe, God divine however you want to call it can kind of intervene in the most serendipitous ways. And that to me is a really, that's where it's at, that's where the juice is for me that's where I'm really love helping people to kind of work their way through and show them some of the signs and and point out some of the things that help you to see that you can actually be at cause you can actually use whatever it is that you're going through to grow, not just mega through not just survive but to thrive, to really grow into a bigger version a stronger version a more amazing version of who you are, and that means that at some point, that little bit that we have compartmentalised the bit that's true. We might have to revisit it because keeping that container of poo is like having a pissing section in your pool, because it's there, it's contaminating everything, it, it interferes with the way that you show up to life, you know, if you for example say you got hurt really badly in a relationship, and you haven't really dealt with that, then, how the hell, why the hell would any sane person go out to connect deeply with someone in a new relationship where they get, you know, you get that stuff going to be triggered right, it's, you have to deal with. So you die you I get it, you want to go into a really, you won't be able to go into a deep loving communion with that person with a new person until you get rid of all of that, you know, the rubbish that was left behind. And then also can be like it causes us to go into self sabotage as well so, like, we know what we need to do. But, you know, we might have some poop that looks like Foleo or a sense of humiliation like we tried it was terrible and no one liked it and oh god I'm awful and, you know, so I like to go to the next level in our business or to take that next step we have to be visible, we have to

like step out of our comfort zone, we have to be courageous, but like, oh, the last time I did it was horrible. I like crashed and burned and it was awful, so of course I'm not gonna be running back to like yeah let me have another guy, you know, if we've still got this like pain at the humiliation of that, that feeling of like out of failure or rejection or wherever it was. It's just going to be, it's like, it's like trying to move up a great big man who was caught, you know, dragging, like, a ton of shit behind us, so we had to deal with it. Yeah, we might be able to tap down to our way through most days and be like, nothing to see here, nothing at all. But that's just like, that's just Groundhog Day, right, it's just like one day after the other after the other, you're never actually going to get traction, you never gonna make it any further up that that mountain or your ultimate potential you're right victories that mountain of where you are actually creating your gifts and sharing your gifts, and you know it's the foundation of your life. So, what is it for you. What is it that you've got compartmentalised that you know you need to do something in your relationship, as it's kind of past failure, is it something from childhood. For some kind of grudge that you have with a friend perhaps someone who betrayed your trust somebody stole from you like I mean there's so many things that could be that that lead for you that that heavy weight for you that baggage for you. And rather than trying to put a lid on it and like you know, make it pretty. It's always a good opportunity to deal with that. And if you'd like help with dealing with it, then guess what, I can help you with that. That's kind of like my superpower. So yeah, if you're interested in finding out a bit more about getting rid of the Pope to send me a message. That would be great, we can have that we can organize a time to chat. Yes. So basically, we got to deal with that shit compartmentalize, in the short term, deal with that shit in the long term. Oh, that was the other thing I was gonna say, there is a cost to not dealing with this shit in the long time. And it's not just the cost of not realizing your potential or not getting your, your gifts and your skills and your, your creations, out to the world. If there is a physical toll, you know, and it contributes to our stress, it contributes to. Oh, outbreak down you know like we are not operating at the fullness of our capacity and contributes to, like, what impacts our well being. So, there is also that there is a very real physical toll that stress or unresolved conflict or emotional baggage does have on us, and it's exhausting. So if you're ready to stop doing that to change the way that you are managing your energy and looking for a better strategies and just compartmentalizing, then feel free to feel free to message me and I can see if there's anything that I can do to help you. Or, if not I can push like point you in the right direction. So, that's my little thought for today.

Where's your peace you're sick section.

My brain. Alright well I hope that's given you some food for thought and I will see you in the group, let me know if you have any comments or questions or haha, I'd love to see them. Okay, bye.