Female Business Owner - Think Like a 1950s Husband

Mar 31, 2021

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Yes, I'm live.

I apologize for any interruptions, if you've been watching any of the previous attempts at making this video, I'm having some technical difficulties you could say, welcome everybody is Kylie, I am here to have a little bit of a chat with you about what it would be like or what we could learn from channeling, our inner 1950s husband. So just imagine you've gone to your day job. Why not business owners, let's just consider contract day job, had a really busy day with the boys at the office, and we've kicked some big goals, and we're gonna call that little wife up and let her know that we're going to be late because we're going to go celebrate our big goals with our boss, you know, if we're going to go out to dinner and have a few drinks, right, we come home. So celebrate it with now that we celebrate it, we come home and we are greeted at the door by our darling wife who has presented the children, looking very clean and well caught and they all everyone schooled up on how, what a wonderful job we've done and what an amazing provider we are and how clever and smart we are, and. And there's a table it's a celebratory dinner we're having two dinners in this, this, this hypothesis. There's a celebratory dinner on the table, just in case we're still hungry. And the glass of whiskey at the door and the beautiful wife and, you know, life is good. Right, so it's, it can play out how you want it to play out, but let's just have a think about that because the 1950s man and let's face it there's probably not that huge a difference really between men now and men then I mean obviously there is some difference and in some men there's more of a difference. But let's just consider that, you know the workplaces, our business the way we work our work practices is still fairly geared up to how what works for men, the needs of men and of course these days are a lot more men who want to be involved in their children's lives and they might have a bit more flexibility in their working practices so that they can be involved in their children's lives. However, as a general generalization, women are still taking the majority of the role the responsibility and the workload of the family and the price three is the cleaning the cooking the meal every single night and the preparing of lunches for the children and we. Yay, thanks to women's empowerment, which is amazing you know I went to engine, I went to uni, because a women's empowerment and I became a mechanical engineer, because of women's empowerment and I'm no longer doing engineering anymore because we haven't gone far enough with women's empowerment. But, you know, another night experienced the bullying experience is what got me kicked kicked started into an entrepreneurial journey and for that I am forever grateful because I don't need to work for anybody else for the rest of my life. But basically, we are doing a 200% workload, with one person we're doing the job, two people in one. So we are still doing all of the general, you know, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, parenting school interfacing emotional work for the relationship. Yeah, we're still doing all of that and then we are also creating and growing a business, or you know, developing your career, whatever it may be for you. And, you know, obviously different seasons of our life, we have different needs and if you are in the season where you are wanting to have children, or you have children, then that is like a lot of extracurricular activity outside of your normal working life, it's huge. And it really does

consume a lot of your time and your energy and it's very easy to become very depleted and to feel like you're not getting any traction in other areas of your life or any area of your life like for so long, I felt like I was just craving things ahead a millimeter at a time. Because I'm spread so thin. Yeah, so let me know if you can relate to that clip basically, you know like this is, this is something which can combined with the way that you know little girls are conditioned to, you know, to not be too full of themselves and to not brag because you know, well, we might be getting better at celebrating our wins but a lot of us just wind. We won't celebrate a win, we wouldn't go out and celebrate a win, knowing that our darlings has cooked dinner and the children are at home we have to get home. We wouldn't do that so it's like, Yeah, we would fail even notice that we have reached a milestone we barely notice that we have fulfilled a major goal, and it feels kind of empty because you're already moving on so quickly to whatever comes next. And while we've got to get the kids, you know, fed, Bob, toothbrush, bedtime claps in a pile of Sabinus the glass of wine in the hand, hopefully they might even celebrate that much. So, yeah, so that's basically, when I come back to thinking about 1950s husband if we could like channel, 1950s, at enter the 1950s and then, and think about a he was so lucky that he could just focus all of his energy and all of his attention into growing his business, and knowing that he had an amazing partner to could take care of the rest of the staff. We don't have that now we are doing everything. And so we need to be able to channel our inner 1950s Man, to look out where we can perhaps adopt a 1950s housewife, you know, it might be kind of looking at what we can outsource in terms of our food prep for our groceries, so that we're not spending our precious time battling with, you know 5000 Other people at the macro Metro her on a Saturday morning on our various, you know, short period of time off and dragging the kids around with us or whatever. So, what else could you outsource. Another reason why I wanted to come in here today is because I am celebrating a little milestone for my own business, my own journey and that is this week I have commenced a working with the VA, I've got my first hire, who is a VA in Philippines. And yesterday I was, I didn't actually do any work. Isn't that like it's like gasps shop, Shakarez the worst thing to do, potentially, for having a new hire, but the thing was I had prepared work for him we had a quick meeting in the morning. And the reason why I didn't do any work yesterday, other than my meeting with my VA is because my, my brother and his wife were having the second baby and also looking after my nephew who's two years old, so we had a really special day together. And I could do that, knowing that there was someone working on my business. Yeah, totally fell writing that. So, the thing is I like I was, I didn't feel like I was, I wasn't actually planning to bring someone on so soon, I thought, I'll probably do that in the new year, but they just got to a point where I just was really looking at my plan for the rest of the year and I recognize that. Yeah, I mean I could do the tech, I can do the content I can set up the funnels, I have an engineering brain so I can do all of that stuff and I kind of secretly like it because I like doing hard stuff with my brain. But the time cost is huge, because if I'm doing all that kind of techie stuff, then I have to do the content stuff and the marketing stuff which is just like that needs me to do it and for me because I'm can be such a perfectionist, it takes. Unfortunately, a long time, but the more you do it the better you get.

And so, then you've got, like, all the social media stuff and then you've got all the community building stuff and then you've got to actually create the program or, you know you got to build out the program and seal the resources and do all those things that if I allowed myself to continue in that frame of like, well I can just do it and make it do and not spend the money because I can do it. It was the time cost is huge, which would mean that it delays the time when I can. Like it pushes back reduces my potential revenue you know reduces my reduces my revenue because by the time that that funnel is built. If a long way in the future when if it was accelerated like as import closer to. Now, sooner I can start making money from that particular funnel so pretty amazing, but I just love the fact that someone was working on my business when I was playing in the park and eating watermelon with my nephew and my son so pretty awesome, that's my win for today. Let me know what would you do, what would be the first thing that you'd like to either know if you to channel your inner 1950s husband, what would be the first roll of tasks, you would give. Murphy 50s housewife, and you know, it could be in your business it could be in your personal life, what would be the first thing that you would ask us if you could do anything, not to hear, let me know if any of this makes sense to you, or resonates with you, because otherwise I'm just talking to a computer screen and that makes me sad. Okay policing.