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Here’s what others have to say about working with Kylie:

I told myself I couldn't, now it's easy! 

The main thing that came out of this program for me was that I realized I was holding myself back mentally because I told myself I couldn’t do it. Now I think it’s so EASY! I feel really great about my business!


-Hayley Egan

I Am Now Able To Be Honest About What I Want

One of the biggest outcomes that I gained from the program is that I am now able to be honest with myself about what I want, and to express it to other people. The program has a really great structure and creates space to have clarity and be truthful.

-Alisson D.

Why Not Do What You Want?

Kylie really helped me to get to the point of saying, “Why the F*%k not?” Why not do what you want to do? Who is to say that you can’t do all those things and be successful and happy?



-AJ Cook

I Have The Answers Within Me

The work I did with Kylie has enabled me to create a better understanding of the relationship between my mind and body. I am able to heal myself, and I am confident that I have all the answers within me.





-Bianca Sciessere

It Had Affected My Self Worth For Decades

Kylie shows real empathy, she is professional and builds trust with her client. She was able to assist me to unravel some very deep issues that had affected my sense of self worth for decades.





-Robin McConchie

I Had Severe Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia

At the time of working with Kylie I had a lot of severe stress, anxiety and insomnia. I had been seeing a psychologist on and off for many years and used more traditional and scientific approaches. Instantaneously after my session with Kylie I felt a huge weight lift off me. I felt calmer and lighter. This feeling has remained. If I start to feel overwhelmed and I think about the sessions i feel calmer and lighter again.

-Rita A


You’re a woman on a mission: running your own business, team or enterprise. 

You’re here to create impact, wealth, and an abundant life for you and your family through your business. You wear many hats – leader, visionary, mother/aunt, daughter, sister, friend, partner, leader, artist, creative, lover, contributor…

You are doing it all, and more. You have taken life as far as you can on your own, but you’re still not enjoying the quality of life and balance that you deserve. You crave more ease, joy, security, accomplishment, more quality time and space to be you, to enjoy the people and experiences that matter most to you.

You are sick and tired of facing the same old story again and again. You are no longer willing to tolerate a constant feeling of anxiety and exhaustion, whilst having a gnawing sense that you are missing out on the life that you could be living…

A life that calls to you despite your best efforts to settle for what you are currently experiencing, to be happy with your lot…

A life that you could be living, where you are ALIVE in all senses of the word, and thriving.

A life where you choose your JOY, your truth, yourself.

Where every decision you make is easy because you know your worth, you know your value and you love yourself enough to choose your happiness.

Until you can do this, your life is not your own, and your lack of self worth will continue to be reflected in every facet of your life – your relationships, your health, your wealth, your clients, and your business. Without a rock-solid foundation of self worth, you will always suffer from indecision, self sabotage, and doubt because you don’t believe you are worthy or deserving enough to truly live the greatest expression of your life.

It doesn’t have to be that way – we can help…

Most business success programs being taught today simply don’t work. Hustle harder, delegate, join the 5am club, meditate, plan, set goals, invest in expensive masterminds, become a social media maverick, think happy thoughts!

These are all fine strategies that definitely can work IF you are not struggling with self limiting beliefs, doubt, perfectionism and imposter syndrome.

These strategies, and many others being taught by business coaches and marketing experts, will work for you, IF you have a rock-solid foundation of healthy self worth, confidence and self belief to get you through the learning curve.
When you have an intimate relationship with who you are, and the value of your offering, and you have tools to coach yourself, you can powerfully navigate any challenge or steep learning curve that you nominate.

If not, your success and happiness is held hostage by doubt, self sabotage, anxiety and overwhelm, all of which gathers weight and momentum like a giant snowball, collecting evidence over time as to why you are not good enough, why you can’t have the life you want, and why only other people get to be successful.

Our Business Success Programs are Different.

We work with our clients to unlock the prison of limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs and habits, to step into a space of possibility, commitment, and joy. We give you the tools and techniques that will easily allow you to shed the weight of failure, frustration, and doubt to step into the driver’s seat of your life, to show up confidently as the creative leader of your life.

We teach you how to be decisive, to tap into your inner knowing, so that every decision is intimately aligned with who you are, the vision you have for your business and the life you are creating.

We teach our clients how to take courageous action, even in the face of uncertainty, even if they’ve never acted from a place of confidence and trust before.

We show our clients how to grow their self worth, how to raise their standards, and how to change the trajectory of their lives, their businesses, and their relationships.

This is why our clients feel like completely different people by the end of our work together – they have created a new self-identity of who they are, one that is based on JOY and their inherent worthiness, forever changing their lives and businesses.

Our process works.

Welcome to our site. Have a look around and meet some of the people we’ve worked with.

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Welcome to my world, I’m so happy that you found me!
Lots of love,

Kylie Enkelmann

Creator of the Boss Lady Empire and Inner Alchemy Process.







Want to know the ACTUAL secret to growing a profitable business and life you love?

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I promise it will be the most rewarding and insightful 40 minutes you have ever spent working on your business.




These people are extraordinary. They were committed and applied themselves.  If you want to get results like theirs, you have to do the same.



Success is hard. Change is hard. We coached every one of our clients through fear, overwhelm, and challenges to find their unique success. Your business is different, therefore your results will be different. If you are looking for “get rich quick” or “get rich easy” look elsewhere.